Welcome to Biomedical Equipment & Engineering Services Co. Inc, manufacturers of  the PharmGuard   environmental control system for Emergency Medical Services drug storage and the WarmOne Fluid warming system.  We also provide temperature monitoring services for quality assurance and regulatory compliance. 

The PharmGuard is an environmental control system for EMS pharmaceutical storage. It is designed to keep drug storage cabinets below 75 F in the summer and above 59 F in the winter. The PharmGuard system uses solid state thermoelectric technology for long life and reliability. Dual powered by 12 VDC from your vehicle's battery or 120 VAC from your shore line.

The WarmOne Fluid Warming System is a compact fluid warmer designed to meet the needs of the Emergency Medical Services. It is intended for use in the field or in the Emergency Department. The WarmOne utilizes solid state technology to provide safe reliable warming of fluids.

Our temperature monitoring service, is used by our clients for quality assurance and regulatory compliance is a cost effective system for continuous temperature monitoring of EMS pharmaceuticals.

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