Biomedical Equipment & Engineering Services Co. Inc. (BEESCO) started business in 1983 as Biomedical Equipment Services Co., a service  company, offering equipment repair, preventative maintenance and safety inspections of patient monitors in office based surgical and medical practices. In January 2005, Biomedical Equipment Service Co. became Biomedical Equipment & Engineering Services Co. Inc.

In 2000 BEESCO Inc. designed the PharmGuard «, an environmental control system as a solution to the extreme temperature exposures of pharmaceuticals carried in EMS vehicles. The PharmGuard«, maintains temperatures between 59║ F and 75║ F inside of a well insulated drug storage cabinet in an EMS vehicle. The PharmGuard «, is currently used by a numerous fire and EMS agencies in Virginia. These include Providence Forge Volunteer Rescue Squad, Henrico Rescue Squad, York County Fire and EMS, Manchester Rescue, Tuckahoe Rescue Squad, Forest View Rescue, Goochland County Fire Rescue,  City of Newport News Fire and EMS Services, City of Hampton Fire Rescue and New Kent Fire and Rescue Services.  Numerous emergency vehicle manufacturers are currently installing the PharmGuard « system in new vehicles. These include  Wheeled Coach, Lifeline Emergency Vehicles, American LaFrance,  Medix Specialty Vehicles, Excellance Co, Taylor Made Ambulance Co, and Road Rescue Systems.  Currently there are two hundred PharmGuard « systems in use in the United States.

Russell S. Hummel, III is the president of Biomedical Equipment and Engineering Services Co. Inc. Mr. Hummel earned a BS degree in Electrical Engineering from Virginia Tech in 1977 and a Masters Degree in Biomedical Engineering from the Medical College of Virginia in 1992. He is a Certified Biomedical Equipment Technician (CBET) He became an EMT in 1973 and has been a Nationally Registered Paramedic since 1982. Mr. Hummel retired as an Assistant Professor of Surgery from the VCU Medical System ( MCV)  in August 2006. He is a life member of the Virginia Tech Rescue Squad as well as the  Providence Forge Volunteer Rescue Squad where he continues to serve as an EMT-paramed


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